prix fixe menu $50

select one from each category


swedish meatball, black pudding, lingonberries
spring onion broth, fresh cheese
black radish, preserved lemon, poppyseed, lovage
duck confit dumpling, cabbage slaw, fish sauce caramel


toasted buckwheat risotto, duck heart, foraged mushrooms
white fish brandade, fennel, seasonal capers, dill
pappardelle, gjetost cheese, roasted cauliflower, shallot, speck, sage
bone-in pork belly, apricot, black poplar mushrooms


sweet potato confit, curry, puffed wild rice, radishes
lake trout*, spring herb pistou, hazelnut, asparagus, cured egg yolk
barley-fed lamb*, merguez, yogurt, carrot & pea salad, whey
wild acres duck*, parsnip, foie gras, morel, fir

additions to share for the table

royal caviar $100
charcuterie $26
braised lamb $38
peterson limousin ribeye* $85
rapini $13
white cheddar drop biscuits $8

“i’ll have what she’s having!” (chef’s tasting menu)

$145/person | $215/person with wine pairings
whole table participation required

*consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood may increase your risk of food borne illness.